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As one of the largest plywood manufacturers in Malaysia, Besgrade Products, has solidified its reputation as a responsible and caring industry player since its establishment in 1997. The company takes its leading role in building a sustainable future for the generations seriously, and is committed to see this through in every echelon of its operations
Our Vision…protecting the environment, building a sustainable future
Our vision is to reduce the need for new wood from existing forests in our bid to protect the environment and build a sustainable future. We make every possible human and technological effort to use every single piece of wood available and turn each one into useable products.
Our Vision…protecting the environment, building a sustainable future
  • Create Winning Customers – Besgrade Products continuously search for new technology and product innovation to deliver the best quality and value to its customers. It is also committed to building long-term relationship with its customers through complete customer care and attention.

  • Environmental Conservation and Protection – Our company will only source wood materials from legitimate, well managed forests and plantation forest. We aim to maximise every single resource to achieve zero wastage in our efforts to conserve and protect our environment.

  • Employee Development – We train our employees to enhance their industry knowledge and skills to achieve the highest productivity level possible. With a good working environment and practices, our employees will be instrumental to the development of the country and protection of the environment.

  • Maximising Return to Stakeholders – Our company strives to safeguard and enhance our shareholders’ value by achieving long-term income growth with consistent and attractive returns on capital.

  • Benefitting Our Community – At Besgrade Products, we want to grow our community with our business. Efforts will be made to improve the welfare of communities in need or underprivileged.
Our Core Values
Besgrade Products practises the following core values among its management to maintain its integrity as a caring and ethical plywood manufacturer:
  • Environmental Sustainability – Every process and procedure in the company is geared to an ultimate goal to create a sustainable environment.

  • Encouraging Teamwork – Working as a team is Besgrade Products’ success secret as we believe together everyone achieves more.

  • Employees Welfare – At Besgrade Products, we take every step to ensure a safe and healthy working environment according to industry regulations.

  • Caring for Our Community – We care for the people in our community by offering them lucrative and rewarding job opportunities.

  • Responsible Company – Besgrade Products is fully committed to be accountable to the environment, community and employees in all its business and management decisions.
Our Company’s Strengths
  • Besgrade Products’ relentless pursuit of excellence in tracking and recording mastery has been recognized and certified by various certification bodies; giving our customers total peace of mind.

  • We pride ourselves with deep technical know-how and professional plywood mill management experience to give our customers reliable products and services.

  • The company’s constant quest for technological innovation in its products ensures that our customers always get the highest quality products that more than meet global standards.
Our Research and Development Centre

Continuous research and development are conducted to test new materials and improve on existing products. These R&D initiatives have been certified by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council-Chain of Custody, Forest Stewardship Council-Chain of Custody, CE, ISO 9001:2000 and Japanese Agricultural Standard.

A new research facility to house the laboratory and R&D Centre was opened in April 2008 to accommodate the expanding research efforts of the company. This laboratory is equipped with high level safety and health facilities to ensure the safety of its research workers.

Our Training and Learning Centre

A Learning Centre was set up in May 2008 to orientate new employees on company policies and factory operating procedures. Frequent training sessions are also conducted here for existing factory personnel to update them on the latest industry knowledge and practices. The centre is well equipped with quality manuals, control system documentation for each certificate and other relevant reading materials as well as training equipment.

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